La Barouche


King, Queen and Ace


Many Version of "La Barouche" exist. This is just one version as submitted by Stella Johnson and Francis Fisher.

Remove all 2,3 and 4 of each suit, you will only use all the 5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack, Queen, King and Aces.

You require 4 players to make 2 teams (parnters) of 2.

Partners play across from one another.

The lowest bid is thirty (30) and the highest is one hundred (100). An individual may bid "Barouche", which is game, and must take all counters, if the other team even takes five pointsm they win the game.

Card Count:

5 count as 5 points

6,7,8,9, Jack, Queen and King do not have any counting value, but are required to "pull-out" the other suits.

10 and aces count as 10 points

First to open bid is the player left of the dealers, if everyone passes the dealer must take the hand for thirty (30 points).

The dealer can take the hand for the last bid.

Whoever takes the hand sets the trump and must lead with that suit, you do not need to tell what the suit is until you lay down your first card.

You must follow the suit played, you can not hold any trump when asked for, however, if a suit is played that you do not have cards for, you can play the trump suit te get any of the counting cards on the table.

The game goes to 250 points.

The team taking the hand must make the bid if not they count that bid in the negative, the opposing team counts the points they were able to make.


Thirty                                              Trawnt
Thirty-Five                                     Trawnt-saenk
Forty                                               Karaent
Forty-Five                                      Karaent-saenk
Fifty                                                Saenkant
Fifty-Five                                       Saenkant-saenk
Sixty                                               Swesawnt
Sixty-Five                                      Swesawnt-saenk
Seventy                                         Swesawnt-jis
Seventy-Five                                Swesawnt-kaenz
Eighty                                            Katavaen
Eighty-Five                                   Katavaen-saenk
Ninety                                            Katavaen-jis
Ninety-Five                                   Katavaen-kaenz
Hundred                                        San

La Barouche

Cards                                           Li kart
Ace                                              Aen naws
King                                             Li rway
Queen                                         La Renn (la damm)
Jack                                             Valet 

Diamonds                                   Karreau (Karou)
Spades                                       Pik (Pique)
Hearts                                         Choer (Coeur)
Clubs                                           Tref
Ten                                              Jis
Nine                                             Naef
Eight                                            Wit
Sevent                                         Set
Six                                                Sis
Five                                             Saenk (Saen)
Trump                                          La Touoo

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