About Your Family

Learning How to Speak About Your Family

Talking about your family is an important part of most people’s lives. It is important to be able to talk about who you have in your family and how many people make up your immediate family and your extended family. We can apply the information that we have just learned to help us be able to ask and answer questions about our family.

Remember that when we add the Michif word chee it makes the sentence a question. There is no English translation of the word chee but just remember that when you hear this word, what you are hearing is a question. Lets look at the questions and responses. Click on the questions so you can hear what this sounds like in Michif.

Do you have a brother?
Aen frayr chee kitayawow?

Yes i have a brother.
We aen frayr nidayawow.

Do you have a sister?
Aen souer chee kitayawow?

Yes I have a sister.
We aen souer nidayawow

Do you have an aunt?
Aen taant chee kitayawow?

Yes I have an aunt.
We aen taant nidayawow

Do you have an uncle?
Aen noonk chee kitayawow?

Yes I have an uncle.
We aen noonk nidayawow

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