More Dialogue Practice

Here are a few dialogues that you can listen to about families. Hopefully you are starting to understand some basic Michif and that you will be able to understand the dialogues.

Dialogue #1:

A: Hi how are you?
B: I am fine thank you, and you?
A: I am great. How many sisters do you have?
B: I have 2 older sisters.

Dialogue #2:

A: How is your family?
B: They are doing fine. How is your sister?
A: She is great.

Dialogue #3:

A: How many siblings do you have?
B: I have 3 siblings. I have two sisters and an older brother.

Dialogue #4:

A: Good morning. How is your grandmother?
B: She is well. How is your nephew?
A: He is not doing well.

Dialogue #5:

A: Good afternoon. How are you?
B: I am great. How are your grandparents?
A: They are fine. How many nephews do you have?
B: I have 6 nephews.

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