Let's Keep Building

Here are some more expressions and sentences that can help you when you are talking about your family.

Lets start with a little review. We learned about these questions in the Greetings Unit but lets have another look.

Where do I live?
Taande wiikiyaan?

Where do you live?
Taande wiikiyaen?

Where does she live?
Taande wiikit?
Where do they live?
Taande wiikachik?

Where do we live?
Taande aiwikiyaak?

Where do you live? (Plural)
Taande wiikiyaek?

We can build on this and add names of family members. Look at the examples below.

Where do your grandparents live?
Taande tes granparaan aywekachick?

My grandparents live in Saskatoon.
May granparaan Saskatoon wikiwuk.

Where do your parents live?
Taande wekachick tay paraan?

My parents live in Victoria.
May paraan Victoria wikiwuk.

Where were BLANK born

Where was he born?
Taande ganataowagit

Where was I born?
Taande ganataowigian

Where were they born?
Taande ganataowigachik
Where were we born?
Taande ganataowigiaak

Where were you born?
Taande ganataowigiaen

Where where you born (plural)?
Taande ganataowigaek

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