Introduction to Possessives

For those of you that know French this will be quite simple for you because possessives in Michif are almost the same.

In English possessives are something that goes in front of a noun to show who owns or has it as a possession.

For Example:

  • My car.
  • His dog.
  • Her daughter.
  • Our family.
  • Their parents.
  • Your sister.

In Michif it’s a little more difficult. We have to understand French a little to understand this grammar. Like French Michif uses masculine and feminine nouns. Depending on the gender of the noun. First here are the possessives in Michif.

My (masculine)

My (feminine)

My (plural)

Yours Singular (masculine)

Yours (feminine)

Your (plural)


Theirs/ His/ Hers (Plural)
leurs / leurs

A closer look at possessives!

The possessive pronoun we use depends on what or who is being possessed.

If I speak about my sister, I use ma.  If I speak about your sister I use ta

To further complicate things, if I speak about my brother, I use mon.  If I speak about your brother, I use ton

Listen to these phrases and notice the pronunciation of the possessive pronoun. We are just going to look at MY (moon, ma, mii) to give you an idea of how this all works.

The same theory can be applied to the other possessive pronouns that show gender (ton/ta, son/sa)

My Masculine - we use moon.

My father
Ni pawpaw

My son
Moon gaarsoon

My uncle
Moon nook

My husband
Moon vyeu

My brother
Moon frayr

My Feminine – we use ma

My mother
Ni mawmaw

My sister
Ma soeur

My aunt
Ma taant

My wife
Ma faam

My daughter
Ma fii

Plural – we use mii

When the subject is plural it doesn’t matter if the subject is male or female, a general possessive pronoun is used and there is no gender classification. See the examples below.

My parents
Mii paraan

My children
Mii zaanfaan

My sons
Mii gaarsoon

My daughters
Mii fii

My brothers
Mii frayr

My sisters
Mii soeur

My cousins
Mii koozaen

My aunts
Mii taant

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