Dialogue Listening

Lets listen to Norm talk about what he does on his farm during the different seasons. Hopefully as you listen you will now be able to recognize some words that you have learned in this unit. Before you continue take a minute and go back and review the grammar and the vocabulary discussed so far.


And now I will talk about what I do on the farm in the different seasons.

Dialogue #1:

I'll start with Spring. In the Spring, we have to repair the buildings the cattle were in. In the Spring, I clean my yard. In the Spring, the cows have calves. In the Spring, the horses have colts. In the Spring, I go Fencing.

Dialogue #2:

In the summer we start to put up hay for the cattle. We also put up feed for the horses and the other animals. In summer, in July, I go to Batoche to celebrate with other Metis. In summer, my family and I go to Metis celebrations.

Dialogue #3:

In Fall, I get things ready for Winter. In the Fall, I haul feed in for the Winter.

Dialogue #4:

In Winter, I feed the cows, the bulls, the horses and the calves.

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