Past and Future

Weather is something that we all talk about. It affects our daily activities and our conversations. In this section we are going to talk about weather with relation to past tense and to future tense. In Michif it is really quite simple.

Past Tense Formation:

To talk about a past event we add the prefix kee- to the verb

It rained.

Future Tense Formation:

To talk about the future we add the prefix ka- to the verb

It will rain.

Now with the above information you will be able to talk about the weather of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It really is quite simple. We can use the same prefixes for both verbs and adjectives. Lets take a closer look at how we can use these prefixes. Click on the icon so you can have a listen to what this all sounds like in Michif.

It rained.

It snowed.

It was windy.

It was sunny.

It was hot.

It was cold.
It was cloudy.

It will be windy.

It will be sunny.

It will be hot.

It will be cold.

It will be cloudy.

Lets build on this.

You can now say whether an event is in the past or the future and if you add for information we can give more detail about what we are talking about. Look at the following sentences about the weather.

It will rain today.
Kakimiwan anoush. (sound ?)

It will be hot next week.
Kakishitaow li smaen qui vyaen.

It will be cold next month.
Kakishinow li mwya qui vyaen

It will be sunny three days from now.
Kawashayshqaun trwa jours oma oschay.

It will snow next Wednesday.
kamishpoun micradji qui vyaen.

It will rain tomorrow.
Kakimiwan demain.

It snowed last month.
keemishpon li mwya passai.

It snowed last night.
keemishpon yaer a swear.

It was cold last month.
keekikshinaow li mwya passai.

It was hot last week.
keekikshitaow le smaen passai.

It was sunny two days ago.
keewashaysquan deu jours passai.

It rained last month.
keykimiwan li mwya passai

It rained last week.
keykimiwan le smaen passai

Asking Questions

Now Lets look at how we can ask questions about past and future weather events! Listen to each of the question and the possible answers. This is just to give you an idea of how to ask and answer these questions. We will go into more detail about this in the future.

Some important vocabulary to know before we continue!

I think
Je pense
tad baen

Also it is important to note that the michif word chee doesn’t have an English translation. It is a word used in Michif that shows that a sentence is a question. So, when you hear chee you can assume that what you are hearing is a question.

Listen carefully to the questions and answers below. Practice them too!

  1. Do you think it will rain tomorrow?
    Kitaytaen chee chekimiwak demain?

    No I don't think it will rain tomorrow.
    No, je panse pa chekimiwak demain

  2. Did it rain last week?
    Keykmwan chee la smaen passay?

    No, I don't think it rained last week.
    No, je panse pa keykimiwak la smaen passay

    No, I don't think so.
    No, je panse pa

  3. Do you think it will be cold next week?
    Kitaytaen chee chikishinaak la smaen ki vyaen?

    No I think it will be nice next week.
    No, je panse kameugishigaow la smaen ki vyaen.

  4. Do you think it will snow this winter?
    Kitaytaen chee chemishpouk set ivair?

    Tad baen.

  5. Do you think it will rain later today?
    Keykmwan chee chekimiwak plu tard anosh?

    Will it rain later today?
    Kakimiwan chee plu tard anosh?

    Yes, I think it will rain later.
    We, je panse ka kimiwan plu tard.

  6. Do you think it will be windy next week?
    Kakimiwan chee cheyotik la smaen ki vyaen?

    Will it be windy next week?
    Kayotin chee la smaen ki vyaen?

    Yes, I think it will be windy next week.
    We, je panse kayotin la smaen ki vyaen.

  7. Do think it will be nice on the weekend?
    Kakimiwan chee chemeugishigkak dans la fai de smaen?

    No, I think it is going to rain.
    No, je panse kakimiwan.

    No, I think it will be cloudy.
    No, je panse kaiquashkwan.

    No, I think it will be cold.
    No, je panse kakishinow.

    Yes, I think it will be hot.
    We, je panse kakishitaow.

    Yes, I think it will be nice.
    We, je panse kameugishigaow.

  8. Did it rain last week?
    Keykimiwan chee la smaen passay?

    No, it didn't rain last week.
    No, nemoya keykimiwan la smaen passay.

    No, it was hot.
    No, key kishitaow.

    No, it was quite nice.
    No, metonay kameugishigaow.

  9. Was it cold last week?
    Keykishinaow chee la smaen passay?

    Yes, but only one day.
    We, mackayaen kin journay

    Yes, it rained last week.
    We, keykimiwan la smaen passay

    Yes, it was quite cold.
    We, keykischichik shinaow

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