Laura Hooper

Laura Hooper

Hello, my name is Laura Hooper. I am 26 years old and I live in Langley, B.C. I am currently in my final year of a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling program at ACTS Seminary of Trinity Western University. I also enjoy working part-time as a Resource Worker supporting adults with developmental disabilities. I am interested in Children and Family issues, youth advocacy, and enjoy being outdoors. I can honestly say I am very proud to be Métis and to serve the youth of the Lower Mainland. I am passionate about helping other youth get connected and involved in their communities and grow in greater understanding of who they are as Métis people.

I have been involved with the Métis community for approximately three years. I was born and raised in Smithers BC, and I served as a youth delegate for the Tri-River Nation for two years. I have served as the Lower Mainland Regional Youth Representative as a member of MYBC for one year. I moved to the Lower mainland for school, and although I miss the mountains back home I have come to love the diversity and opportunities I have found here. I am grateful for the extended family I have found in the Métis community.


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Metis Youth Interviewer Laura Hooper discusses what she hopes to get out of the Learn Michif project


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