Savannah McKenzie

Savannah McKenzie

Tansi kiya wow, My name is Savannah McKenzie and I am the Regional Youth Representative for Vancouver Island. I am seventeen years old and I live on Hornby Island. I am about to finish grade twelve in January. Throughout high school, I have enjoyed French and First Nation Studies immensely. I used to participate in Drama and Improv regularly and that has definitely helped me have the confidence that I have today. It was our Aboriginal program at my secondary school that got me in contact with my local Métis Chartered Community President and after that everything fell into place.

After high school, I plan on obtaining a post secondary education by getting my Bachelors of Social Work; specializing in the First Nations/Aboriginal stream. After getting my BSW, it is my goal to help either Métis children or inmates, possibly moving into an area with more Métis people. Along the way, I hope to become fluent in French and start learning the Michif language. I feel that if I speak our language, I may be able to connect better with some of the Métis people in my work. I never want to stop learning about my culture and hope to be able to share my ever growing knowledge with others.

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