Shawn BourksShawn Bourks

Hey! My name is Shawn Bourks, I'm 18 years old and currently residing in Delta. I am completing grade 12 this year, where my favorite subjects include English and BC First Nations Studies. After graduation I plan on moving to Vancouver to attend Blanche Macdonald to take the Global Makeup Program. I also plan on learning more about fashion design and fashion merchandising. In my downtime, I love learning instruments, dancing, making jewelry and reading. A future filled with beauty, creativity and lots of art and music is where I'm headed.

I am very passionate about learning about my Metis heritage. I hope to become more involved in the MNBC after school is out of the way. I am so proud to be Metis.


Interview with Shawn Bourks about

Metis Youth Interviewer Shawn Bourks discusses what she hopes to get out of the Learn Michif project.

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