Norman Fleury: Daily Life Transcript

Daily Life in Michif

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In this video, Norman walks through many daily activities. This video is completely in Michif. This typescript follows the list of activities as the video progresses. Use a combination of this typescript and the video to see, hear and read the language. 

1. I brush my hair
2. I wash my hands
3. Dry my hands
4. Put water in the kettle
5. Hot water in the kettle
6. Fill the kettle with water
7. Plug in the kettle
8. Ribs pork
9. Making Sweet and Sour Ribs
10. I put them into the oven
11. I’ll add some sauce
12. Adding oil to the pan
13. I’ve got sausages and bacon in my fridge
14. These are pork and beef sausages
15. Here’s the bacon, good looking bacon, lots of meat
16. We’ll put in the eggs after
17. Here’s toast
18. Here’s one piece of bread
19. The toaster takes four pieces of bread
20. There, the bread cooks
21. Here is a table
22. Here is a chair
23. Here is a table cloth
24. Here is sugar
25. Here are shakers – one of pepper one of salt
26. Here is a soft drink – orange
27. This is butter and margarine mixed together
28. Here is a pound of butter
29. Two pieces of toast are done, two are cooking
30. I’m putting butter on my toast
31. My kettle is finished
32. Here are tea bags
33. I’m using two bags of tea
34. I’m going to put the water from the kettle into the tea pot
35. This is a lid
36. To keep the grease from going everywhere
37. This is a glass
38. Here is water
39. I’m filling the glass with water
40. I’m drinking
41. She’s drinking
42. You drink
43. We all drink
44. She drinks
45. You drink
46. We are all drinking
47. I’m turning the bacon over
48. I’m turning the sausage over
49. So they don’t burn
50. The kettle boiled
51. I’m pouring the water to make tea.