Welcome to the LearnMichif.com website!! Thank you for taking the time to visit this site!

This website is a joint project of the Métis Nation British Columbia and the Metis Youth British Columbia. It was created with funding from the Canadian Culture On-Line Project, a division of the Department of Canadian Heritage.


LearnMichif.com was an initiative by Jeff Ward of Animikii early in 2003. Jeff saw the need for on-line Michif language instruction and built a basic web page based on the existing body of work done by Norman Fleury, Peter Bakker, Heather Souter, Pemmican Publications, and many, many other people. It wasn't until 2005 that he approached the Metis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) to partner and produce a website that would engage, educate and revive the Métis language. In 2006, MYBC, Ry Moran & Jeff Ward put together a plan to take LearnMichif.com to the next level. 

Thank you all for contributing your efforts to the preservation and growth of the Michif Language.

Our Goals

Our goal when building this site was to the provide content to help people connect with their past and with their future as Métis people. We feel very strongly that language is a central component of identity and have thus attempted to make the language lessons easy to follow and fun to use.

If you are a non-Métis person visiting this site, welcome! Thank you for showing interest in the Métis culture! This site is intended as much for you as it is for the Métis community. We hope that the site will provide you with information and background on the Métis culture of Canada. Try a few words; you may recognize a few as the dialect currently featured on our site contains many French phrases.

Community Involvement

Of utmost importance, this is a website that is for you, the community. We are keen to hear your feedback on the site and look forward to incorporating your suggestions in the content we offer on the site. The link below is a direct line to our response line. Please let us know what you think.

We aim to improve upon this site well into the future and have plans to include many other videos, interviews and language variations from across the country. Future videos scheduled for posting include videos on jigging, beading and additional elder interviews. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to work hard to provide you with additional content.

MNBC Mandate

As the democratically elected political representative and governing organization for the Métis in British Columbia, the Métis Nation British Columbia represents the political, legal, social and economic interests of the Métis people in B.C. to Local, Provincial and Federal levels of governments, funding agencies and other related bodies. In addition, the MNBC undertakes an advocacy, coordination and policy-making role on behalf of Métis people in B.C. on matters related to Provincial and Federal programs and services. The MNBC also acts to protect and preserve Métis history, promote and develop Métis culture, ensure Métis rights are understood and protected, and coordinate or facilitate local activities of Métis communities.

Metis Youth British Columbia

Metis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) is an institution of governance that advocates and lobbies on behalf of Métis Youth in the province of BC. It operates as a provincial youth political body within the
Métis Nation BC (MNBC). The BCUMYC strives to ensure Métis youth are equally represented and engaged in all levels of governance for future sustainability.


There are many people and organizations who were involved in the making of this site. A big thank you to all who are and continue to be involved in making LearnMichif a success. Without you this wouldn't be possible.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online.


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