Marlene Cox-Bishop

Marlene Cox-Bishop is a Professor Emeritus of the Human Ecology department at the University of Alberta.  Marlene is both a well known artist and educator. 

As is the case with so many Metis, Marlene did not discover her Metis roots until later in life. 

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Computer-assisted design, role of creative expression in enhnacing well-being, the development of visual literacy in others, and visual communication skills as these affect our lives are primary foci of Professor Cox-Bishop's research and teaching. Enhancement of the built environment can be facilitated through creation of works of art and design. In addition, the Arts can be utilized within a holistic medical treatment model to improve the health and well being of individuals. Creativity is seen as process as well as product. Marlene is an artist, designer, and educator. She holds a Doctorate in Arts Education from Illinois State University, a Master of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia. Marlene's works of art on paper and textiles are housed in public and private collections in the United States and Canada.


2005 Canadian Forum on Arts and Health. Co-sponsored by the British Columbia Arts Council and the University of British Columbia. March 14 -15, 2005.  
2005 Advisory Committee. First International Conference on Creative Expression and Dementia to be held at University of British Columbia. May 6-7, 2005.  
2005 Curator of "Rozome: Japanese Wax Resist Textile Traditions Revisited". Faculty of Extension Gallery, University of Alberta. April 25 – May 16, 2005. Invited exhibition of student work.  
2005 Society for the Arts in Healthcare. Planning committee for SAH 2005 conference. Edmonton, June 2005.  
2005 Commissions of two 6 meter hand painted and custom dyed textile lengths for Dr. Juliet McMaster.  
2005 Curator of "Marrakech: Persia by Design" May 6-17, 2005. University of British Columbia Conference Centre. Invited exhibition of student work.  
2004 Focus on Fibre Exhibition. Juried. “Art and Healing Cloth”. Sponsored by the Edmonton Fibre Association. One 3 metre length of hand painted silk. Group Exhibition. Edmonton Art Gallery. Edmonton, Alberta.  
2004 “9 x 12” Small Works Show”. One watercolour 12” x 12”. Juried group exhibition sponsored by the Creative Center for the Arts for People with Cancer. Center for the Creative Arts, New York City.  
2004 Certificate Program in Artists-in-Residence (AIRS). Center for the Arts for People with Cancer. New York City. November 13–20.  
2004 “Distance and Detail: Botanical Illustration”. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. London, England. September 6-10. Instructor: Annie Farrar.  
2004 “Strategies for Visual Communication.” Alberta Home Economics/Human Ecology Association Annual Conference. Edmonton, Alberta. November 6, 2004 Invited.  
2004 “Effective Visual Communication: For Everything Else There’s Mastercard”. Department of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta. Research Seminar. 75 participants. Invited.  
2004 “Seniors and Gambling” National Council on Aging/American Council for Ageing Conference Joint conference. San Francisco. April 13 – 17. Workshop. 50 attendees. Refereed.  
2004 “Creativity and Aging: Alberta Seniors in Extended Care Facilities. A Case Study from Alberta” National Council on Aging/American Council for Ageing Conference. Joint conference. San Francisco. April 13 – 17. Poster session with graduate student, U  
2004 Curator of “Chancay: Inspiration from Pre-Columbian Textiles” Faculty of Extension Gallery. University of Alberta. Eighteen hand painted and printed student textiles and eighteen grave dolls. February 28 - March 17, 2004. Invited.  
2004 Curator of “Peruvian Inspired Textiles. Main Floor Gallery, Human Ecology Building. University of Alberta. March 20 – April 30, 2004.  
2003 Artspace Gallery. One 3 metre length of hand painted silk. Group Exhibition. Calgary Alberta. Juried  
2003 Innovative Instructors Institute. The University of Alberta. April 28 – May 2. Using the web, Dreamweaver, and webCT as teaching tools.  
2003 “Seniors and Dementia: Problem and Opportunity”. Presentation to the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, San Diego, California. April 9 – 16.  
2003 Curator of “Samarkand: Persia by Design”. Main Floor Gallery. University of Alberta. Work by surface design students. Twenty hand painted silk coats inspired by Middle Eastern textiles.  
2003 Choices Conference. “Vat dyes for dyeing and printing”. Workshop in textile design for 40 high school students. University of Alberta. Edmonton.  
2002 Curator of “Kalamkari: India by Design”. McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital. Edmonton, Alberta. September, 2002.