Ry Moran

Ry MoranRy is a dynamic, passionate and extremely motivated individual. Ry has voyaged to 21 different countries, was nominated for Best Aboriginal Songwriter at the 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards and graduated with Distinction from the University of Victoria. In 2005, he received the Pierre Falcon Award for Artistic Achievement; a National Role Model Award presented to him by the Métis National Council. He is the owner of a successful and rapidly growing company called YellowTilt Productions.

Ry has enjoyed lunch with Provincial Premiers, composed music for film and television, spoken many times on national radio and television and was a host of an internationally broadcast live television program. Ry’s songs have gone as high as number three on the National Aboriginal Top 30 Radio Countdown.

Ry has spoken at a number of significant events. Highlights include a keynote address at the Victoria aboriginal graduation ceremonies and recently, acting as MC and key designer of the BC Aboriginal Tourism Awards. He has taught countless workshops alongside teaching every level of public school from kindergarten to grade 12. He continues to teach and inspire and is a proud member of Toastmasters.

Aboriginal languages and language revitalization have long been deeply important for Ry. He has conducted a number of significant oral history restoration projects with a variety of Aboriginal groups and has recorded well over 4000 near extinct phrases and words. In 2006, he wrote and directed an important video entitled “Approaches To Aboriginal Language Revitalization.” This video, his systems and methods are now in use by over 20 bands across the country.

Guided by a passion and love for business, Ry knew he would require a mentor to grow quickly. Over the course of three years, Ry learned many valuable lessons from this mentor. In 2006-2007, the pair launched an ambitious project to purchase and renovate a beautiful heritage building in downtown Victoria. During this project, the team raised over $3 million in investment capital.

In his heart, Ry is guided by the principal that in order to receive, one must give. To this end, Ry is deeply passionate about the environment and the elimination of racism through education.

When not in his office, Ry can be found on the ocean sea kayaking, dangling from a cliff rock-climbing or hiking in the wilderness with his wife and dog. 

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