David Morin: Video Transcript

Gabriel Dumont Institute

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My name is David Morin. I’m 26 years old and I work at the Gabriel Dumont Institute, here is Saskatoon in the publishing department. Reasons I work here is I’m a, I’m proud to be Métis and, uh, I get to learn every day in this job.

I’m a curriculum developer and so we work on different resources like websites, books, CDs…a real variety of different resources for teachers and other people interested in Métis studies.

So what kind of work happens here at GDI?

Well, GDI is a very broad organization. Here in the publishing department, we make resources for community, so things like websites which have pictures and video, audio, oral histories, just a whole bunch of different things….and then books, some are children’s books from a Métis alphabet book to university type books, Métis Legacy, with a bunch of essays and bibliographical, bibliographies…and so we have a wide range of that. Videos, like, how to type videos for finger weaving and hooked rugs, so that’s the publishing department.

But we also have, like I said, a teacher education program. It’s a four year program through the U of S, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and also we have a center in P.A., Prince Albert, for Métis students to help with tuition and some books, stuff like that. So that’s another thing.

Then we have Gabriel Dumont College which helps with the first two years Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan, and then we also have the Dumont Technical Institute which is training based, so they have things like Adult Basic Education, upgrading for high school, trades programs, carpentry, licensed practical nursing programs, so lots of different programs through GTI.

And then also, we just opened up a training and employment program—The Gabriel Dumont Training and Employment Program—which is going to be set up in ten different locations in Saskatchewan to help with employment programs, funding, things like that.

So that’s pretty much GDI in a nutshell. And also we hold the largest library of Métis specific resources,

Wow, so it’s a big deal

(Laughing) And we also have a museum too which houses I think, the most Métis artifacts in one place as well.

Wow…and you said it’s 26 years old?

Yeah, GDI began in 1980; we had our 25th anniversary not this past winter but the winter before and had a big gala and a big celebration of GDI successes. There’s over 100 employees in GDI…I think there’s about 8 in our department here.

So how has working at GDI…what has that done for your feeling of being Métis?

Just make me more and more proud. The people I meet and to see how strong they are and what they know and what their past it and how they’ve accepted me, it makes you feel really good, and to know that the work you are doing is affecting people and children in such a positive way, it’s great.


For more information on Métis Culture and the Gabriel Dumont Institute, go to www.gdins.org or visit www.metismuseum.ca.