Olivier Boyer


In this video, Olivier recounts his families history and events leading up to the Battle at Batoche. Olivier's own family figured heavily in the battle making this a compelling and moving tale.

1:47 Minutes, 3.6 MB


Batoche - Part 1

Olivier describes his families tragic involvement with the Battle of Batoche.

3:10 Minutes, 6.4MB


Batoche - Part 2

In this video, Olivier discusses his grandfather's reaction to the battle.

2:17 Minutes, 4.6 MB

Batoche - Part 3

In this video, Olivier discusses the effects the battle had on the women and children of the Batoche area. A sad and compelling oral history.


2:36 Minutes, 5.2MB

Batoche - Part 4

Olivier talks about why some of the events took place at Batoche according to his family history. Also discussed are the ramifications of the Battle on his own family.

7:15 Minutes, 14.5 MB